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I remember when I was entering my first year of FCS, I was extremely excited but at the same time extremely nervous. Reflecting back on the whole experience now, I can't believe that I have spent 6 years at Florence Convent School. And I am really proud to be the first batch to graduate from this prestigious school. The friendly environment and the systematic approach toward imparting education at FCS made me a competent individual. The wide range of activities- both curricular and co-curricular- along and the support from FCS was really very helpful for my future. Our teachers were really very kind and approachable when any need arose. Life never gave me anything for granted; I worked hard and achieved everything. At the very outset, I would like to express my heartiest thanks to the FCS family. I extend my warm regards to the Principal, Dr. Upasna, and all the staff members.

Sudarshan Sahu (1st Batch 2007-2012)
Ph.D. (Pursuing)
M. Tech Biotechnology
B. Tech Biotechnology

Time Flies like an arrow. Those days in Florence Convent School were extremely ecstatic and indelible. In fact those days were the most happiest and fruitful moment of my expedition. 
I have spent 5 years at Florence Convent School from Class 6 to 10 and the first batch of this school. My experience was just amazing got infinite love and lessons from my Teacher’s (Guru’s). Achievement- applaud, opportunities-thoughts gained from FCS all the credits to them.
From the first day itself FCS has surprised me with such a phenomenal step by step learning process inside the class and outside the class as well. The staff and the teachers were very passionate and shown genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals.
The most important thing I learnt was there is no shortcut to success. As carbon need to be cut, burnt and pressurized and finally polished to become diamond. We should have dreams and we should work hard to fulfil those dreams. 
I would like to extend my huge thanks to Director, Principal, Vice- Principal and all the staff for your immense support 

Sanjay Negi 
1st Batch (2007-2012) 
B.COM (Hons) – Finance 
MBA (Marketing & Finance)
Work Exp –
Currently Working- Academic Counsellor (Shoolini University
Senior Relationship Manager (ICICI Securities)
3 Years Teaching Experience

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About Florence Convent School. 
I have join the school when I was in 6th Grade till10th Grade. And it is more like my home from where I have learnt many things. I have seen the school growing and developing so fast. I Thank the school that I was the part of FCS
Thank you all the teachers your love and support. May your school fly high and to be a role model to every school 

Bikram Bahadur ( 2nd Batch 2008-2013)
Currently working with Vardhman Textile since 2018 as an Planning Assistant.

Florence Convent  School is a place where I learnt so many things. Teachers are very good in teaching and loving and the environment there is good for students. I have completed my 10 standard from there and in those years I' ve my best memories in that school. I miss those days. There is different types of  sports, a very famous school band and activities and function are super excitement and fun. For me Florence is the best school in all over the world.

Machinme Shaiza
Pursuing - B.SC Microbiology 

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